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  • Video Script Copywriting Tips

    Video Script Copywriting Tips

    At Briefer Copy, we know that video scripts are essential for a good video marketing copy and getting a hold of mechanics gives you the cutting edge. Commercials, product videos, explainer videos, educational, training courses, and quite a few other types of marketing videos pop up by the day. So how do you craft video […]

  • Video Marketing Copy & Best Practices

    Video Marketing Copy & Best Practices

    Videos are now one of the most popular content formats on the web. It makes up around 82% of traffic today, and the number grows by the minute. Video is engaging and conveys information light-speed quick, thus why businesses need videos as a way to market products and services. However, just because you have a […]

  • How to write good microcopy.

    How to write good microcopy.

    At Briefer Copy, microcopy is art. Writing brief, aware and authentic Microcopy is hard. It requires you to understand the product, the user journey, and the action the person on the other side of the screen wants to accomplish. After going in-depth on UX copywriting and exploring how its focus is also on the product […]

  • David Abbott’s creative genius.

    David Abbott’s creative genius.

    Very few copywriters can claim the amount of impact they’ve had on the world that David Abbott can. His work for Volvo, The Economist, and Sainsbury’s has made, makes, and will make copywriters and advertisers drool over for decades. You just can’t be as cool as David Abbott. So, what made the man behind the […]

  • Apple’s 8 secrets about landing page copywriting.

    Apple’s 8 secrets about landing page copywriting.

    Landing page copywriting is a tricky business. A handful of companies can claim mastery on their landing page copy, yet if there’s one that can be categorized as “the best” it’s Apple. The Cupertino-based giant has turned its product landing pages into an experience. They’re so good at making you experience their product, you can’t […]

  • Master UX Copywriting: What is it and How to do it

    Master UX Copywriting: What is it and How to do it

    I’ve been exploring the depths of UX copywriting in past few months. While it may seem a bit boring, and what most copywriters may define as “easy”, UX copy is a branch of copywriting as vast as copywriting itself. In this guide I’ll try my best to concisely sum up everything I know about UX […]

  • How to write a damn good hook sentence.

    How to write a damn good hook sentence.

    If there’s one thing that we as copywriters should take away from poets, writers, and novelists it’s the art of writing a powerful hook sentence. A hook is something that gets the reader to continue reading. And when we’re writing any type of content online we want the reader to read at least long enough […]

  • How to write (web) copy that sells.

    How to write (web) copy that sells.

    For the past five months, I must’ve heard the same sentence around fifty times. It goes something like “Copy is the best entrepreneurial skill you can learn.”. In my opinion this a whole lotta bull. Selling your services and networking are by far more important than writing pretty words. And this comes straight from a […]

  • Conversational copywriting

    Conversational copywriting

    As a copywriter, I’m known to have a more conversational tone. Even on Brief-er.’s homepage I boldly teach that great copy sounds human. Like you and I are at a coffee shop, chatting, nonchalantly. This article is no different. Conversational copywriting is slowly becoming the new norm. There’s only one problem to it — slowly. […]

  • How to write a copywriting brief. (According to an actual copywriter)

    How to write a copywriting brief. (According to an actual copywriter)

    Bob Knight didn’t believe in luck. He believed in preparation. Working with a freelance copywriter is the same. Being a copywriter and marketer by day (and night) thought me that a great copywriting brief is what sets apart stellar copy from low-quality writing. But with all the time you have to spend preparing a copywriting […]