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  • Video Script Copywriting Tips

    Video Script Copywriting Tips

    At Briefer Copy, we know that video scripts are essential for a good video marketing copy and getting a hold of mechanics gives you the cutting edge. Commercials, product videos, explainer videos, educational, training courses, and quite a few other types of marketing videos pop up by the day. So how do you craft video […]

  • William Bernbach Advertising.

    William Bernbach Advertising.

    Bernbach was a pioneer of print advertising and is credited with creating the modern advertising campaign. He understood that advertising didn’t always push to sell a product, and instead created campaigns that appealed to the consumer’s emotions. This approach made him one of the most influential advertising executives of all time. Born on August 13, […]

  • Don’t read this post about Patagonia’s advertising.

    Don’t read this post about Patagonia’s advertising.

    Patagonia advertising is… well, genious. The sustainable clothing brand that knows a thing or two about advertising . You’ve heard of them before. Or, at least, you’ve seen a grey-vest-wearing stockbroker on TV. Yeah. Those grey vests, they’re from Patagonia. Why do stockbrokers wear them? Beats me. Patagonia does little marketing to sell its grey […]

  • How one bank productized boring with pride credit cards.

    How one bank productized boring with pride credit cards.

    This tiny article about pride credit cards is part of my newsletter Electric.. If you wish to do a deep dive into the minds of the marketers, creatives, and copywriters that hide behind logos and aren’t afraid to do something that’s outside their comfort zone, consider subscribing. Revolut’s been busting the banking world’s ass ​for […]

  • Manipulation in advertising

    Manipulation in advertising

    The average American ignores 3,500 ads daily. That’s a lot. In fact, it’s so much you can say we ignore the shit out of advertisements every day. Are people immune to advertising manipulation? It seems like even though we disregard ads on the conscious level, manipulation in advertising is still working in the subconscious. It’s […]