Video Script Copywriting Tips


Video script copywriting tips

At Briefer Copy, we know that video scripts are essential for a good video marketing copy and getting a hold of mechanics gives you the cutting edge.

Commercials, product videos, explainer videos, educational, training courses, and quite a few other types of marketing videos pop up by the day.

So how do you craft video script copywriting, so results take everybody by surprise?

What is a video script?

Just like an essay or a book, a video script takes time, dedication, and a vision for an amateur scriptwriter to write well. From organizing info, rearranging steps, and additional hints that you want to share in your video, to completing a script that works.

The result of brainstorming enough different ideas and points of view before you finalize your direction makes the video script the framework of your work. It is the backbone of topics in your marketing video flow. A written guide to avoid misleading ideas shared throughout the video for the rest in post production.

To make your script a success, you will need to deliver facts and details that will make the viewers of your video want to stay until the end. Writing a video script may seem like a heavy task, but think again when you’re finished reading this content.

As this blog post will guide you with the things you need to know, including the format to follow in video script copywriting. 

A few words on video copywriting

Video copywriting may sound somewhat new to but marketers define video copywriting as a process of creating compelling and effective copy to map the structure of your message and achieve a certain set of goals via video content.

This type of copywriting can include everything from writing scripts for video ads to describing text for social media acts. Whether you are writing description text for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media platforms, video copywriting rules apply.

Good video copywriting is an essential layer of engaging and successful videos that no marketer should neglect. With good video copywriting, your content will surely capture attention, convey information, and persuade viewers to take action.

With the help of an experienced video copywriter, the specialist who writes effective and compelling copy for videos, you can guarantee that you will deliver a video that your target consumers need. They also need to ensure that visual elements of advertisements, such as images, graphics, nuances, work together with wording and text.

Aim for an interesting and attention-grabbing script that conveys your message and keeps viewers engaged. This is important because people are typically only willing to watch a video for a few minutes at most.

Aside from that, a good video copywriter should also be able to convey words in a clear and concise rhythm suited to that of any platform. It is a major element that grabs the attention of the viewer watching your video.

What is raw script copywriting?

Having said that video copywriting is creating an advertisement copy for video content, we also have another form of copywriting. Script copywriting, on the other hand, is a process of writing persuasive advertisement copy for text-based media. 

When we talk about text-based media, it is data or information sources that can be conveyed through numerical, textual, and graphic formats. The best examples of this form of copywriting are novels, brochures, print advertisements, posters, digital presentations, and social media contextual posts.

Just like video copywriters, the script copywriters also have their own responsibilities. They should know how to capture the attention of readers in a matter of seconds. They also need to write in a way that is easy to understand, as many people will not have the time or patience to read through a lot of text.

Though script copywriters and video copywriters share some similarities in their own responsibilities, they also differ in their purpose. We must not confuse ourselves with whom to call when we need help with writing a script for a video or readership. 

How do you make video scripts?

Worry not!

Writing an engaging video script may seem difficult, but I have listed below the basics that can help you write an effective one. You may use it as your guide to creating a video script that attracts an audience. 

Before you even get started writing your video script, familiarize yourself first with the basic terminologies in video script copywriting such as the “scene” and “sequence”. 

The “Scene“.

A “scene” in a script is equivalent to a shot in a film or video. It’s the smallest unit of action and usually contains only one camera angle. Here you should take the microcopy and hook sentence approach.

The “Sequence“.

While a “sequence” stands for a series of connected scenes that tell a complete story. In the script, sequence numbers are used to keep track of where you are in the story. 

Checklist and elements.

Knowing which scene and sequence you are preparing for can help you easily list down the necessary information. 

  • Identify your audience
  • Choose goals wisely
  • Choosing the main character
  • Clarify the purpose of your video
  • List down the visual and audio elements that will be used
  • Writing down your script
  • Double-check your script

Identify your core audience.

Identifying the target audience is always a crucial component in marketing. Whether it be video marketing, email marketing, or content marketing. Knowing who your audience is can help you gather the right information that should be added to your script. With the right information, you can easily catch your audience’s attention and stay with your video.

Choose goals wisely.

Having a goal in every task keeps you focused. It helps you achieve what you truly want and plan for your video script. With a goal in mind, you will know who you should target, what information you should list down, and what type of strategy you should apply to make your project a success.

Choosing the main character.

If your video is full of too many figures, your audience will lose its focus away from the goal. You must ensure that you identify clearly who the main character in your video is. This can help simplify the idea of the core story in your video. It can also make the viewers understand the flow of the story easier.

Clarify the purpose of your video.

Identifying the point of the video should be introduced from the very beginning of the script. This is by telling them in one sentence the main point of why this video your created. That will also make them think about why they should watch your video to the end.

List down the visual and audio elements that will be used.

It is important that all elements and tools you will need for your video are well stated in the script.

Since the script is the entire team’s guide, anything that can affect or provide impact in the video should be included. If you are using a video editor tool to do the editing tasks, such as cropping, adding subtitles, and removing audio, you must also include it in the script.

As you use video editing tools, make sure to use the best video cropper tool that lets you crop your video files online even without downloading software. Whether you are using a Desktop, Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android, you can use the cropping feature without hassles.

Start writing down your script.

Your script depends on the duration of your video. You may plan for a lengthy or 10-second script copywriting video, depending on the information that you include in the script. Prep necessary information written in a clear, short, and concise manner.

Double-check your script.

Once you’re done with your script, you must recheck it many times before you even finalize it. Try reading the script out loud while recording and observe if your video script speaks directly to the audience or not. Also, consider if it sounds engaging to you as the viewer.

Do copywriters write video scripts.

Do copywriters also write video scripts? Copywriters are professionals who write copy for advertisements, marketing materials, and other communications. They typically have a background in advertising, marketing, or journalism, and may have a degree in a related field. 

Though copywriters and video copywriters are both specialized in writing, they’re still focused on different fields. While many copywriters may have experience writing for video, not all of them specialize in this type of copywriting. 

Video copywriting requires a different skill set than traditional copywriting, as it must take into account the visual elements of video production. Video copywriters must be able to create scripts that are both visually appealing and informative, while also being able to deliver the message of the video in an effective way.

Video script format.

When you’re creating a video, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before you even start writing. One of these factors is the format of your script. You must have a video script format prepared alongside that you can use as your guide. 

Though there is no specific format for writing a video script. This means that there’s no format saying that you are writing your script the wrong way. In fact, you can write in which way you are comfortable with as long as you can deliver the message in the most effective and engaging way that you can. 

But because you are aiming to deliver an awesome video script, I’ve listed down a few key elements below that you can use as your guide to ensure that you have included everything you need for your script. 

The title of the video.

Writing a good video title isn’t as hard as you think. But because it plays an important role in calling the awareness of the audience, it must be done in a short but strong manner.

Your video title should be on-topic, unique, keyword-focused, and intriguing. These key factors are important to be seen in your video title because they will have an impact on targeting the audience. You may also use a headline analyser tool to help you out with creating an effective title for your video.

A brief description of the video’s content.

Video descriptions are important because they give potential viewers a sneak peek of what the video is about. If you created a funny video, the description should reflect that. If the video is informational, the description should state that as well. A well-written description will help people decide whether or not to watch a video, so it’s important to make sure it’s engaging and to the point.

When writing a video description, keep in mind that potential viewers will only have a few seconds to read it before deciding whether or not to watch the video.

A good video description should be between 150-200 words long. For this reason, it’s important to make sure the first sentence is attention-grabbing and that the rest of the description provides more information about what the video is about.

The video’s main message or call to action.

Take note that the video’s primary message or call to action should be delivered within the first 10 seconds of the video. After that, you have about another minute to keep the viewer’s attention before they lose interest. So it’s important to assure that your video copy is interesting and engaging from start to finish.

A list of the video’s key points.

When you’re writing a video script, it’s essential to have a list of the key points you want to discuss. This will help make sure that your video stays on track and covers all the information you want to include.

Think about what you want your viewers to take away from the video, and make sure that your script includes all the information that will help them understand and remember your message.

The video’s overall structure.

The video’s overall structure and individual scenes should be outlined in a script format before the video is shot. This gives the crew an idea of what’s supposed to happen and when and helps ensure that the video flows smoothly from beginning to end.

Start writing your video script today!

Now that you know what goes into a video script, it’s time to start writing your own! Keep in mind that your video script should be short and direct to the point, written in a conversational tone, creating an engagement with your audience, and end it with a strong conclusion or a powerful call-to-action. 

Also, take note that your video copy should be written in a way that not only tells your story but sells your product or service as well. After all, that’s what you’re looking to do with your video – promote your business.

To write an effective video copy, you need to understand both your audience and your product. Only then can you craft a message that resonates with people and persuade them to take action.

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